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Reading High School “Opt Out” Procedures for State Testing

Parents are permitted to “opt their children out” of state and federal testing.  The process is as follows:

a.       The parent/guardian must send a letter stating their desire to view the assessment.

b.      The School Assessment Coordinator will schedule a time to meet with the parent and discuss the reasons behind wanting to “opt out”.

c.       If the parent/guardian is still wishing to read the assessment, a meeting will be scheduled with the District Assessment Coordinator on school district property. 

d.      Parent/guardian will sign Parent Confidentially Agreement.  A copy of the agreement will be maintained at the district office.

e.      The parent/guardian will review the assessment in the presence of the District Assessment Coordinator.

f.        The parent/guardian will not photocopy, write down or record any portion of the assessments including the directions. 

g.       If after reviewing the test, the parent/guardian finds the assessment to be in conflict with their religious beliefs and would like their child to be excused from the test, the parent/guardian must provide a written request that state the objections to the Superintendent or Chief Academic Officer.

h.      If the student is excused from the assessment, the Superintendent or Chief Academic Officer will contact the District Assessment Coordinator and School Assessment Coordinator so that an alternative learning environment for the student can be established during the assessment. 

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