Superintendent's Award of Excellence

  • What is the Award of Excellence? 
    The Superintendent's Award of Excellence recognizes the outstanding achievements of Reading School District employees. The nomination process provides a systematic method for identifying individuals and ensuring they receive appropriate recognition for their efforts on behalf of Reading School District students. 

    Who can be nominated? 
    Any full-time or part-time employee who has served at least one year in the Reading School District is eligible for nomination. Note, staff members who were previously nominated but did not receive the Award of Excellence can be nominated again.

    Who can nominate? 
    Reading School District employees can nominate themselves or another individual. 

    How does one nominate? 
    Fill out and submit the Award of Excellence nomination form to Kristin Boyd, Communications Director, at

    What are the award's criteria?

    ·         High job performance

    ·         Willingness to go above and beyond

    ·         Personal impact within immediate job surroundings

    ·         Personal impact on the entire district

    ·         Positive professional relationship with other staff members, students, parents or the public

    ·         Commitment to self-improvement and professional development

    ·         Activities and accomplishments that brought distinction to the employee and/or the district

    How are the winners selected?
    The Superintendent and an anonymous committee with representation from staff (including teachers, administrators and support staff) will review the nominations and use a scoring rubric to select winners. A maximum of five winners will be selected for each Recognition Reception. Recognition Receptions will be held three times each school year – in fall, winter and spring.

    How are the winners recognized?
    Award Recipients will receive an award, and their names will be listed on a plaque that is perpetually displayed in the Superintendent's Office. All nominees will receive a certificate of appreciation.

    When will recipients be recognized? 
    The district will host three Recognition Receptions in the fall, winter and spring. Most receptions are held at the Blackbox Theater at Reading Intermediate High School.

    Please contact Kristin Boyd Edwards, Communications Director, at

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