• Communications 

    Kristin Boyd
    Director of Communications

    Department Overview

    The CommunicationsDepartment manages the communications, marketing, written and electronic publications, website content, public relations, media relations and social media needs of Reading School District.

    Along with the Superintendent's Office, the department serves as the official media spokespeople for the school district. If you are seeking publicity or promotion for a program, event or service, contact Kristin Boyd, Director of Communications, at boydkm@readingsd.org or 484-258-7031. All media requests should be directed to contact the Communications Department.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What communication tools do you use? 
    We use a variety of communication tools to share information with students, staff, parents, alumni, media, business leaders, residents and the Greater Reading community. They include:

    Parent Notification System
    District website
    School websites
    Pop-up alerts
    Good News
    This Week@RSD
    Social media

    District blog
    Mobile app
    Press releases
    Media alerts
    Annual Reports
    In addition, we have several special projects, including:

    Q. What is your district hashtag?
    Our official district hashtag is #RSDproud. If we are hosting an event with a community partner, we also use #1RSD to illustrate we're all in this together. Both hashtags tie into our district motto: One vision. All students. One Reading.
    Q. Where can I find district news?
    For the latest district news, visit www.ReadingSD.org/rsdnews.
    Q. Where can I find information about school delays or closings due to inclement weather?
    Information about emergencies, school delays and closings are posted in the "announcements" section on the home page of the district website and on our district Facebook page, You can also visit our Emergencies/Delays/Closings webpage for up-to-date information.
    Q. How can I have information or photos posted on the district's website or social media platforms?
    E-mail full details to Kristin Boyd at boydkm@readingsd.org. If the information is for a building-level activity, please include your building principal on the e-mail so he/she is aware of the request. If sending photos, please check to make sure all students pictured have submitted a media release form. 
    Q. How can you help me publicize my event/activity/accomplishment?
    We can work together to create and coordinate positive communications opportunities. E-mail Kristin Boyd at boydkm@readingsd.org to discuss your ideas.
    Q. How can I obtain my school records or high school transcripts?
    To obtain your official high school transcript, complete the Transcript Request form and fax it to Irma Mondragon at 610-685-2028. Please note, all night school graduates should complete the Transcript Request form and fax it to the district's Student Services Department at 


     Visit our transcripts webpage for the form and more information. 

    Q. I'm receiving phone calls and text notifications from Reading School District, but I don't have a child in the district. How can I have my phone number removed?
    We apologize for this inconvenience. E-mail your name and phone number to Kristin Boyd at boydkm@readingsd.org, and we'll remove the number from our database. Please note, it 
    typically takes 24-48 hours for the number to cycle out of the system.