• State of Schools
    State of Schools 2015

    Special Message from Dr. Khalid Mumin 

    Reading School District is moving in the right direction, but we need your help to address key areas and sustain our successful momentum. Since my appointment on July 14, 2014, the Red Knight family has embraced me, and they are investing in my leadership team to bring sustainable change to the school  system, while creating a pathway of excellence for all students of the Reading School District.

    I am truly humbled by the support of the students, parents, staff and community as we embark on this  journey to equip our children with the skills to attain success in an ever changing society, first by graduating and accessing college and career opportunities. What I have learned during the first months of service is that as a school system, we have a tremendous amount of accomplishments to relish, while there are several areas that require improvement. 


    Please know, as Superintendent, I recognize and understand the importance of our children receiving a quality education in the Reading School District, as this is not only about our students achieving graduation requirements.  Education is the pathway and vehicle for our students to define their futures locally in the City of Reading, at the state level and by impacting the world.  

    I am fully committed with “all hands on deck and boots on the ground” for our students to reap the infinite possibilities.  Hence, this is a call to action to join us, as we collaborate to impact the education of our children through, academics, fostering and maintaining safe school environments, enhancing transparency through communications, building on rich community partnerships, implementing organizational effectiveness, and maintaining fiscal responsibility. Together we will be successful.  

    Five Areas of Focus
    Dr. Mumin established five areas of focus for the Reading School District: 
    1. Safe Schools
    2. Academics
    3. Communications/Engagement
    4. Partnerships
    5. Financial/Organizational Effectiveness 

    Strategic Plan Summary 
    Dr. Mumin and the administrative team met with Al Weber of Tweed-Weber to write a strategic plan for 2015-2020. The full plan is based on Dr. Mumin's five areas of focus, and it includes goals, targets and action steps.Click here to read the summary.

    PowerPoint Presentation

    Click here to view the State of Schools PowerPoint presentation. 
    Thank you to Waldo Alvarado, Director of Equity, for helping to create to create the PowerPoint slides.

    Full Video: State of Schools Program

    Click here to view the entire State of Schools Program, which includes speeches by Class President Jonathan Zabala and Board President Rebecca Acosta. In addition, Dr. Mumin discusses his first year as superintendent and his strategic plan.

    RSD Video: The Rose That Grew From the Concrete Video 
    Listen to Reading School District students share their stories and Red Knight experiences.

    Thank you to Kristin Boyd, Director of Community Engagement, and Kyle Brown, A/V tech at Reading High School, for helping to create this powerful video.
    In addition, thank you to Poetry Out Loud runner-up Jimmy Ortiz, who recited the poem, and Class President Jonathan Zabala, who narrated the beginning of the video. Special shout out to the RHS students featured in the video: Jaidee, Ruben, Sterling, Kuski, Salem and Austin. 

    • Click here to view the program handout for attendees. Each handout included a different "Did You Know?" fact about the Reading School District and our students.
    • Each attendee also received a thank you note, which was written and signed by RSD students. We thank all of the students for their efforts. See a few examples of the note cards below.
      card       card    card

    Event Photos:

    Thank you to Dave Zerbe of Dave Zerbe Photography for taking photos of our State of Schools Program.

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    Special Thank You To the Following:
    • Reading School District Board
    • Reading School District Staff
    • RHS String Ensemble
    • RHS Cultural Dance Troupe
    • Jonathan Zabala, RHS Class President
    • Kyle Brown 
    • Dave Zerbe

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