• Helpful Tips


    ·         Remember, we expect all of our staff members to be fantastic employees. This award is for employees who have demonstrated a consistent willingness to go above and beyond.

    ·         Be specific and list examples. Saying someone is a great staff member is not sufficient. Instead, describe in detail what makes that person a great role model and professional in our district. For example, maybe the person started an activity for students, hosted a community service program, boosted morale in your school or created a process that helps your department run more efficiently.

    ·         Note, the judging panel has only the information you submit to refer to when scoring. Summit all supplemental documents with the nomination form.

    ·         Feel free to nominate yourself or to submit a group nomination.


    ·         Don’t ask the panel to contact you or other staff members for additional information about your nominee.

    ·         Don’t miss the deadline. Nominations submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

    ·         Don’t assume the judging panel knows everything your nominee does. We need you to tell us!