• Alternative Education

    Wynton Butler
    Director Of Alternative Education
    484-258-7103, Ext 60201

    Crystal Gilmore Harris
    Student Services/Alternative Education Secretary
    484-258-7103, Ext. 60207

    Department Overview 
    The Alternative Education department offers students and their parents direction in alternative placement, counseling services and truancy issues. The department's responsibility is to make sure students are placed in an alternative program that best suits their needs and education. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q.  How Long will my child be in Alternative Placement? 
    Typcially, palcements are for 45 days if the student successfully completes all assigned tasks, including attendance, discipline and grades

    Q. What other options do I have for placing my child? 
    Other placement options include: Berks Online (BOL); Kids Peace; Children's Home of Reading (CHOR); and Home School.

    Q. How do I challenge the truancy fines? 
    You can speak with your child's Home and School Visitor or discuss it with a district judge during the fine hearing.