Reading High School

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    The Reading High School Class of 2020 included more than 800 graduates. We have multiple options, resources and supports available to help your child earn a high school diploma and prepare for post-secondary success in college, trade school, the workforce or the military.

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  • Reading High School
    801 North 13th Street
    Reading, PA 19604

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    School Hours 
    7:30 a.m. to 2:40 p.m.

    RMCTC School Hours 
    Morning; 7:30 a.m.-10:42 
    Afternoon: 11:31 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

    Red Knight Accelerated Academy (All Campuses) School Hours 
    8:55 a.m.-4:05 p.m.

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Reading High School Administration

Title Name Contact Grades
Principal Eric Turman 610-371-5705 All
Assistant Principal Nicole Pagan 610-371-5705 Ext. 81904 Teaching and Learning
Assistant Principal Jessica DiBlasi 610-371-5705 Ext. 81913 9th Grade - Last Names: A-L
Assistant Principal Leah Hession Grade 9 - Last Names: M-Z
Assistant Principal Vacant Grades 10-12 - Last Names: A-GAR
Assistant Principal Julie Weitzel Grades 10-12 - Last Names: GOP-P
Assistant Principal Candice Kehres Grades 10-12 - Last Names: Q-Z

Reading High School Student Services Staff

Title Name Contact Grades
School Nurse Brandi Flynn All
School Nurse Kristina Kuczawa All
School Nurse Tracy Ravert All
School Counselor Traci Fake
School Counselor Abby Kretowicz
School Counselor Chrstine Schuler
School Counselor Edwin Romero
School Counselor Liza Hoppes
School Counselor Monica Lacey
School Counselor Kelly Daye-Barton
School Counselor Kathryn Moser
School Counselor Kathy Creelman Career and College
Social Worker Leanne Eckenrode All
Social Worker Kelli Mest All
Social Worker Ashley Berg All
Social Worker Lauren Heydt All
Parent Outreach Leticia Ortiz All
Parent Outreach Milta Saturria-Torres All
Scheduling Michelle Seiders All
Home and School Visitor Jerome Singleton All

Reading High School Office Staff

Title Name Contact Grades
Principal's Secretary Ellie Pedraza
Main Office Secretary Cindy Dresh 610-371-5705
Main Office Secretary janett Pelker 610-371-5705
Attendance Secretary Grace Oduah
Attendance Secretary Brittney Pauley
Attendance Secretary
Attendance Secretary
Attendance Secretary
Enrollment Adirana Sanchez All
Transcripts Westley Giddens
Transcripts Irma Mondragon
Counseling Donna Malack
Working Papers