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  • Each student's report card includes a list of excused, unlawful and tardy days. In addition, phone calls are made at 6 p.m. to inform parents if their child was absent from school that day. Parents could also receive phone calls from the Home and School Visitors or a Parent Outreach Assistant.


Home and School Visitors

  • All of the Home and School Visitors are SAP trained, and they work with students, parents and staff to address truancy issues. The essential functions of our Home and School visitors include: 

    • Visit homes of students who are experiencing challenges in school, such as attendance, academics and discipline

    • Work with parents to assist them in finding appropriate community agencies and resources, such as Job Corps., SAM and psychological services

    • Attend assigned District Justice and Juvenile court proceedings

    • Canvas assigned areas of the city

    • Work with assigned alternative school programs and provide service to them

    • Work with school nurses and school counselors to address attendance issues

Attendance and Truancy News


  • Linda Pauley
    Pupil Accounting and Attendance

    Wynton Butler
    Social Services Director
    484-258-7103 Ext 60201

    David C. Marrella
    Home and School Visitor
    Coverage area includes: 
    12th and Marion Elementary; 13th and Union Elementary; Riverside Elementary; Glenside Elementary; Northwest Area Elementary; Lauer's Park Elementary; Northwest Middle; and Northeast Middle 

    Elizabeth Hernandez-Collazo
    Home and School Visitor
    Coverage area includes: 

    Tyson-Schoener Elementary; Amanda Stout  Elementary; 16th and Haak Elementary; Millmont  Elementary; Southern Middle; Southwest  Middle; and Learning Academy at Thomas Ford
    610-371-5934 Ext. 54017
    Jacquline Guerrero
    Home and School Visitor
    Coverage area includes: 
    10th and Penn Elementary; 10th and Green Elementary; 13th and Green Elementary; Central Middle School; and Reading Virtual Academy
    Jerome Singleton
    Home and School Visitor
    Coverage area includes: 
    Reading High School; Reading-Muhlenberg Careeer and Technology Center; RKAA-Glenside Campus; RKAA-Thomas Ford Campus; and RKAA-City Line Campus