Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:   How are federal funds used in the Reading School District? 
    Funds received through Title I, II, III and IV are utilized in various ways to meet the overall goal of increasing student achievement.  Funds may be used for educational materials/resources, staff to provide supplemental academic support, professional development opportunities for teachers, additional services and programs for students, and efforts to support parental and community involvement across schools and the District.   All funds are used in compliance with allowable expenses under federal law. 

    Q:  Can parents and families apply for funds through the Department of Federal Programs to help with needs at home such as food, clothing, medications, etc? 
    A:  No, these funds are directly provided to schools from the United States and Pennsylvania Departments of Education to help with educational programming at individual buildings. If families need help with these types of items, they can call 2-1-1, a free information and referral phone service that connects people to services they need.  You can also access 2-1-1 at

    Q:  Our community organization wants to work with Reading School District or a particular school on a potential grant related project.  What is the process to do this?
    All partnerships for Reading School District and individual schools that involve grant opportunities must be approved through Reading School District Central Administration.  Please contact the Department of Federal Programs to discuss any grant opportunities before doing any types of submissions.