Chromebook Loan Program

  • In coordination with Distance Learning, we are launching a one-to-family device technology initiative. The goal is to loan a district-issued chromebook to those RSD families that do not currently have a device at home to complete school assignments. 

    In order to support aspects of its continuity of education programming due to the Pandemic of 2020, as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the Reading School District (the “District”) is loaning to District families one (1) Chromebook (the “Device”) for District students to use in support of their learning. 

    By borrowing the Device, District families and students acknowledge and agree to the following:

    • The Device is and shall remain the property of the District;
    • The Device will be used by the District student primarily for educational purposes; 
    • The use of the Device by students will be governed by the Code of Student Conduct and other applicable policies and procedures; 
    • The Device will be returned at the date and time as directed by the District;
    • The Device shall be returned to the District in its original condition, excepting reasonable wear and tear; 
    • If the Device is damaged, lost, or stolen, and the damage to and/or loss of the Device is the result of the student’s negligence, as determined in the sole discretion of the District, the student and parent/guardian agree to be financially responsible for either the replacement of the Device or the costs of repair, as determined by the District.  
    • No one is permitted to install or remove any software (if applicable from the Device); 
    • The loss of, any problems with, or damage to the Device shall be reported to the District.

    At distribution, the borrowing family and Device information will be recorded by the District. At the time of return, the District will be comparing the device returned to the records made at the time of distribution to ensure that District families are credited with the return of the Chromebook.

    Please note, the school district cannot provide internet access for families. Therefore, we encourage all families to determine what connectivity options work best for them during the mandated shutdown. For example, Comcast’s Internet Essentials program is offering free Internet connection.