Final Report Card Update

  • Secondary grades are available online in the Home Access Center, and elementary report cards were mailed to families the week of June 22, 2020. As a reminder:

    📚 Combined 3rd/4th Quarter
    The 3rd quarter and 4th quarter grades were combined and include grades from January 30 through June 12, 2020.

    📚 Elementary and Middle School Students
    We implemented a Pass-Fail Grading System for elementary and middle school students due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On the report card, the combined 3rd/4th quarter grades and the final course grades are listed as either P=Pass or F=Fail.

    📚 Ignore the Benchmark Scale
    If your child’s report card includes the benchmark scale at the bottom, please ignore it. The benchmark scale (B=Making Benchmark; P=Progressing Toward Benchmark; and N=Not Progressing Toward Benchmark) was not used during distance learning, however, the scale was mistakenly not removed from some of the final printed report cards.

    📚Reading High School Students
    Reading High School students received traditional grades.

Elementary and Middle School Students

  • Elementary School Girl reading

    Week-At-A-Glance Graded Assignments

    • New Skills
      New month, new skills! Starting on Monday, May 4, our teachers will begin delivering new instruction and graded assignments to students virtually.

    • Prevent Learning Gaps
      Students will receive new instruction so they can continue to learn, remain engaged and prevent learning gaps.

    • Graded Assignments
      Teachers will continue to share a Week-At-A-Glance document that includes an outline of assignments and an explanation of how to submit them.

    • Printed Choice Boards for Families Without Tech Access
      The district is providing Chromebooks to families through its Chromebook Loan Program. However, parents and guardians without technology access can pick up a printed Academic/Activity Choice Board at 1 of the 10 RSD Meal Distribution Sites from 10 a.m. to noon on Wednesdays. 

    Report Cards and Grading

    • Combined 3rd and 4th Quarters
      The 3rd quarter and 4th quarter will be combined. This will include grades from January 30 through June 12, 2020. Report Cards will be available in late June.

    • P=Pass and F=Fail
      Our grading system has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will move to a pass-fail grading system for the combined 3rd and 4th quarters. On the report cards,  course grades will be shown as P=Pass or F=Fail.

    • Final Course Grade
      Graded assignments completed between May 1 and June 12 will help to keep students on track academically and, if needed, to increase a student’s course grade for the combined 3rd and 4th quarters. Each graded assignment will receive a 0, 1 or 2 (see chart below). Teachers will provide feedback on assignments.

    • Assignment Grading Chart
      2=Meets learning expectations and is complete
      1=Partially meets learning expectations/partially completed work
      0=Activity not completed 

    Weekly Office Hours
    Remember, if you need assistance with assignments or have questions, check in with your teacher during his or her weekly Office Hours.

Reading Virtual Academy (RVA) Students

  • All RVA students must complete their assignments to finish their courses and earn required credits. Students in RVA have chosen to be in this program.

    The closure of the Brick & Mortar buildings has not affected the ability of students in RVA to complete their courses since they work online from home.

    Additional information:

    • All students (including seniors) have until June 12, 2020 to complete their courses. 

    • All incomplete courses will be closed on June 12, 2020  and students shall receive the ACTUAL grade listed. No Exceptions in Grades 5-11, Seniors contact RVA Director Mary Agnew at if you have an issue with course completion. 

    • If students need help with their coursework they can arrange for online tutoring sessions with their teachers. If a student is unsure of their assigned teacher for a course, please email RVA Director Mary Agnew at

    • Continue to check RVA's Google Classroom for information and updates. Weekly updates are shared on Wednesdays. The code to enroll in the class is: w4noapj.

    • If your Chromebook breaks, please email RVA Director Mary Agnew at with a description of the problem and a picture of the back of the device. Arrangements will be made with the RSD Technology Department to resolve the issue.

    • If you have difficulty logging on or with the Edgenuity program, please check the Edgenuity Status page to see if it is a platform problem. You can also sign up for alerts from Edgenuity that will let you know if there is a problem on their end. Info: Edgenuity Status Website