Summer School Information

  • Summer School Information

    Registration for 2023 summer school will take place on Monday, June 12-Thursday, June 15 from 9 am-12 pm and 1 pm-3 pm at the RHS Welcome Center Room 006.

    Seniors ONLY registration is Friday, June 9, from 8 am - 11 am at the RHS Welcome Center Room 006. 

    Important Information:

    • $80 per credit; $40 per 1/2 credit paid at the time of registration.
      • Payment methods: Cash or money order. Money order should be payable to the “Reading School District”. Full payment must be made at the time of registration. Limited opportunities for fee waivers based on specific circumstances.  
      • Students who complete their coursework will be refunded their summer payment. 
    • A limit of 2 credits for underclassmen
    • A limit of 4 credits for seniors
    • All Edgenuity courses will be full courses.
    • Midterm and final exams must be completed in person with proctors at RHS
    • Summer school coursework not completed by the deadline will be removed from the student's account.
    • All grades will be a PASS or FAIL.
    • Courses will not receive a letter grade or count toward GPA. 

    Summer Program End Date

    Summer School Support: Monday through Thursday, 8am-1pm

    • Grades 9-11 on Thursday, July 27th at 1pm
    • Seniors on Thursday, August 3rd at 1pm 

    No School on Tuesday, July 4th

    Available Courses

    • Language Arts - English 9, English 10, English 11 (American Literature), English 12 (World Literature)

    • Mathematics - Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Financial Math (Math of Personal Finance), Integrated Math 1, and Integrated Math 2

    • Social Studies - Citizenship, World History, American History, US Government 

    • Science - Integrated Science, Ecology, Biology, Earth Science, Environmental Science 

    • Health/Gym - Healthy Living, Lifetime Fitness 


    Reading High School Rooms: 206, 210, 211, 212, and 214.

    Attendance Policy:

    Students may work on their courses from home. Content teachers will be available for in-person assistance/tutoring and to proctor Edgenuity exams.  Midterm and final exams must be taken in-person at RHS. If students are not completing work on their course, a phone call home will be made and in-person attendance may be required. Further lack of course completion may result in removal from the program.

    Contact Information:
    Mrs. Oakes-Cruz - School Counselor - 
    Mr. Giacche - Summer School Coordinator -