Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does RVA stand for?
    RVA is an abbreviation for Reading Virtual Academy.

    Who can be a RVA student?
    RVA is open to any Reading School District student currently in grades K-12. Families should consider their specific circumstances to determine if the RVA option fits their needs.

    How do I enroll my student in RVA?
    Open Enrollment at Reading Virtual Academy is now underway for the 2021-22 school year. If you would like additional information about the learning options available at our Reading Virtual Academy, or if you would like to enroll your child in RVA, please contact RVA Counselor Amanda Geffert at 484-258-7101, Ext. 60147 or

    Is there a difference between homeschooling my child and signing up for RVA?
    Yes. Students who are being homeschooled do not receive instruction by the school district. Homeschool families follow the policies and procedures associated with homeschooling and provide instruction at home as required by relevant law, policy and procedure. Students in the Virtual Academy will receive instruction by School District educators, follow the District’s academic calendar and assigned schedule, and complete all expectations as set by the School District.

    What is the difference between RVA and other online programs?
    With RVA, there are many face-to-face supports available that are not available with other online programs. In addition to video lessons and assigments, students can request assistance or tutoring from Reading School District teachers who they can meet with M-F from 12-6 at the ROCC Building (800 Penn St.) or through a virtual meeting. RVA students can participate in all RSD activities and athletics -- including graduation, dances, sporting events, prom, class trips and any other district activities. High School RVA students can also enroll in the Reading-Muhlenberg Career and Technology Center, and all students have access to the district's support services, such as counseling, special education and college planning.

    Will students remain in RVA even if all RSD schools transition to 100% remote?
    Yes. Students will remain in the RVA for the semester in which they enrolled. Transition requests will be granted on a case-by-case basis upon review of the school-based team, and the Offices of Student Support Services and Special Education.

    Will specialty classes, such as Advanced Placement and Career and Technical Education, be offered? 
    Yes. Students can take AP classes through RVA or attend RVA and CTC as a hybrid student.

    Can students participate in extracurriculars and athletics?
    Yes. Students may participate in extracurricular activities and athletics, including prom and graduation.

    How will students access counseling services?
    Students will have access to the RVA counselor, and they can access counseling services virtually at home or visit the ROCC Building (800 Penn St.).

    Will my child fall behind if he/she enroll in RVA?
    No. Students will receive high quality instructional programming. Student progress and performance will be monitored and assessed by the district to ensure quality.

    My child has an IEP, can he/she enroll in RVA? And how will RVA support my child?
    Yes. When a student with an IEP applies to RVA, the RVA staff contacts the student’s case manager) and the case manager will determine if this is the proper placement for the student.

    Students with IEPs will be able to access and benefit from instruction in the RVA. Students with IEPs will have opportunities to engage with their general education teachers, special education teachers, and related services providers, all as prescribed by their IEPs, and will have access to the virtualsupports that align with their IEPs.


    My child is in ESL, can he/she enroll in RVA?
    Yes, any student who has a WIDA score above 3.0 can attend RVA.

    Does my child need a computer for RVA? Do you reimburse for the Internet?
    No. Students who enroll in RVA are provided with a district-issued chromebook. We do not reimburse families for the Internet, however, the RVA Learning Lab at the ROCC Building (800 Penn St.) is open for students to work from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.  on Monday through Friday. 

    Does RVA follow the same academic calendar as other Reading SD schools?
    Yes, the District Academic Calendar applies to the Virtual Academy. Regularly scheduled holidays, teacher professional development days, assessment days, and holiday breaks will apply as outlined. View the district calendar at

    I live in Reading but my child attends a non-RSD school. Can they enroll in RVA?
    No. RVA is available only to K-12 students enrolled in Reading School District.