Message from the RSD Superintendent's Office

  • RHS staff, students, parents and community—together, we can create a safe, secure, socially and emotionally healthy place for our staff and students to succeed.

    We believe it takes a village to support and educate our students. We recognize that some have not felt safe or supported at Reading High School —and we are making it priority one to provide more support.  We genuinely care about the academic success and well-being of our school community and realize that big changes are needed now to provide structure, set expectations and re-establish RHS as a safe, welcoming, supportive learning and work  environment this school year. 

    We will be recommending to the School Board a new interim leadership team for RHS, effective November 1 until a permanent high school principal is hired. To that end we will tap internal leaders as Interim principal and associate principal, along with our current RHS Assistant Principals and Deans. Waldo Alvarado, our chief equity and inclusion officer will temporarily move into the role of Interim Principal; and Kevin Collins, principal of 13th and Green Elementary, will temporarily move into the role of Interim Associate Principal (T&L). In addition, Carl Britt, Safe Schools Director, will now be housed at the high school.

    Mr. Alvarado and Mr. Collins have the necessary administrative experience, familiarity with students, staff and families, and extensive knowledge of the district. Mr. Alvarado and Mr. Collins each have two decades of experience working for RSD.

    We appreciate your support as we return from one of the most traumatic and disruptive periods in history. Our students have not had a normal school year in three years. For our seniors that was their 9th grade year and for our 9th graders, that was their 6th grade year. We need a reset—to build routines and expectations, and we believe this plan will help us accomplish that goal.