Message from RSD Superintendent's Office

  • Dear Families:

    As we transition into the new school year, we hope everyone appreciates the care and consideration that has gone into helping your child feel welcome and safe at 13th and Green Elementary School. It is exciting to have children back in school. We are so appreciative of everyone’s cooperation. With the school year underway, we are writing to let you know about a temporary change in staffing.

    You may know that Reading School District is currently searching for a new principal at Reading High School. Until a permanent principal is hired, we need additional administrative support at the high school. 

    We have asked Principal Collins to be part of a short-term leadership team at the high school beginning November 1. Mr. Collins will be associate principal and join Acting Principal Mr. Waldo Alvarado (the school district’s Chief Equity Officer). Both are strong leaders, who care deeply about students and staff, and know many people in our school district. Together they will bring calm and trusted leadership to the high school during an uncertain time.

    During this time, Mrs. Kobberlein will be acting principal at 13th and Green. Many of you know Mrs. Kobberlein as our assistant principal, so we expect things to go smoothly during Principal Collins’ absence—and he will be right up the street at the high school if needed.

    Please join us in thanking Mr. Collins for his leadership and service to students and our community as he embarks on this new leadership experience. He is a valued and respected leader and we know students and staff at 13th and Green will be proud of his support for the high school.