• Community Parking Available
    Free Community Parking is now available at 12 of our Reading School District parking lots from 5 p.m. to 7 a.m. on weekdays and throughout the weekend. 

    • Restrictions
      Cars must be moved from the Reading High School parking lot by 6 a.m. and the other available parking lots by 7 a.m. on school days to accommodate school staff coming to work. Cars not removed in a timely manner will first receive a warning, followed by a parking ticket from the Reading Parking Authority.

      In addition, we are offering parking to the community to our families and neighbors as a courtesy. However, we ask that you not abuse the courtesy. For example, please do not use the parking lots for car repairs.

    Parking Exception Times
    Parking exception times include when after-hours school events are being held with staff and during snow removal times.

    Available School Parking Lots 


    • 10th and Penn Elementary
    • 10th and Green Elementary
    • 13th and Green Elementary
    • 13th and Union Elementary
    • 16th and Haak Elementary
    • Lauer’s Park Elementary
    • Riverside Elementary
    • Tyson-Schoener Elementary
    • Northwest Middle School
    • Southwest Middle School
    • Southern Middle School
    • Reading High School (Note: Cars must be moved by 6 a.m. due to the school’s earlier start time)

    The following lots are currently NOT available for community parking:

    • 12th and Marion Elementary 
    • Amanda E. Stout Elementary
    • Glenside Elementary 
    • Millmont Elementary 
    • Northwest Area Elementary
    • Central Middle School 
    • Northeast Middle School 
    • RKAA CL 
    • RKAA GS
    • RKAA TF 
    • 717 - Facilities Building
    • Administration Building
    • ROCC Building