Submit a Flyer

  • The district receives a significant amount of requests throughout the school year to distribute flyers for community organizations and upcoming events. To ease this process, please follow the below instructions: 

    1. All flyers must be approved by the Superintendent’s Office prior to distribution.

    2. Flyers must be submitted in English and Spanish to be considered for distribution.

    3. Flyers must be e-mailed in PDF or jpeg format to Corine McElroy, Executive Secretary, at Ms. McElroy will contact you once the flyer is approved.

    4. Once approved, it is then your responsibility to print and deliver the flyer to the main offices at individual schools. Flyers should be organized in sets of 30, which makes it easier for schools to distribute them to teachers and students. Schools reserve the right to not distribute flyers if they are not delivered appropriately or have not been properly approved by the Superintendent’s Office. 

    5. Note, the process of approving a flyer can take up to two weeks, so please plan accordingly when submitting your request.