Department Overview

  • Paraprofessional in a classroom

    The Reading School District is committed to helping students with special needs achieve their educational potential. The district strives to build special programs specifically tailored to the assessed needs of a student and attempts to deliver those programs in the regular education environment as much as possible. Students will learn the general education curriculum with appropriate adaptations, modifications, supports and services in a nurturing, safe and accepting school community that recognizes and celebrates a broad range of talents, abilities and achievements.

    Goals for the department include:

    • To provide appropriate services to meet the individual learning needs, academically, socially and emotionally, of students.

    • To create programs that are integrally involved with and delivered through general education programs.

    • To comply with state and federal laws governing special education programming.

    • To plan and facilitate the professional development for district staff on compliance, state initiatives and instructional practices.

    • To provide resources and support to parents.


  • Heidi Socash
    Special Education Program Coordinator, 484-258-7102 ext. 60134 

    • 16thand Haak Elementary School
    • Amanda Stout Elementary School
    • 10thand Penn Elementary School
    • Glendside Elementary School
    • Southern Middle School

    Clerk: Emily Brubaker, 484-258-7102 ext. 60122  

    Erik Baker
    Special Education Program Coordinator, 484-258-7102 ext. 60133

    • Northwest Area Elementary School
    • Central Middle School
    • Southwest Middle School
    • Related Services
    • Instruction in the Home
    • Non-Public Liaison
    • K-12 Life Skills Support

    Clerk: Emily Brubaker, 484-258-7102 ext. 60122

    Heather Foltz 
    Special Education Program Coordinator, 484-258-7102 ext. 60132

    • Reading High School
    • Extended School Year
    • Transition

    Clerk: Cindy Glaze, 484-258-7102 ext. 60113

    Kate Okonski
    Special Education Program Coordinator, 484-258-7102 ext. 60131

    • K-12 Emotional Support
    • Out-of-District Services

    Clerk: Oriana Fuller, 484-258-7102 ext. 60205

    Julie Kehr
    Special Education Program Coordinator, 484-258-7102 ext. 60926

    • K-12 Autistic Support
    • K-12 Multiple Disabilities Support

    Clerk: Donna O'Brien, 484-258-7102 ext. 60126

    Sarah Melzer
    Special Education Program Coordinator, 484-258-7102 ext. 60120

    • 13thand Union Elementary School
    • 13thand Green Elementary School
    • 12thand Marion Elementary School
    • 10thand Green Elementary School
    • Northeast Middle School
    • Gifted Support Services
    • K-12 Life Skills Support



  • Christine Murrin
    Director of Special Education


    Shelley Grim
    Clerk Support
    484.258.7101 ext. 60211

Special Education Services

  • If a student of the Reading School District is found to be eligible for special education services, a Team (which includes, at minimum, the student's parents, a special education teacher, an administrator, and, in most cases, a regular education teacher must meet to develop the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) within 30 calendar days. The IEP is the written document that is the “contract” between the parents and the school. It lists the student’s goals and the services the school will provide to the student to help meet those goals.

Out of District

  • The IEP team determines the need for out of district services. Students whose parents reside in the district and whose children are registered in the district may require special education services to be provided outside of the district. Only those students who qualify, and whose needs cannot be met within the range of programs in the district are eligible for district-supported schooling outside the district.

Primary or Home Language is Other Than English

  • The Reading School District utilizes a comprehensive approach in determining the instructional needs of English Language Learners and possible eligibility for special education. The district provides for translation of all documents and interpreter services, in order to assure parent participation in, and understanding of the IEP process. All state and federal special education regulations are in place.