Principal and Assistant Principals

  • Principal
    Eric Turman
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    Assistant Principal
    Geraldine Sepulveda Torres
    Red Knight Accelerated Academy
    610-685-0955 Ext. 35910
    Students: 9R

    Assistant Principal
    Jason Schwambach
    610-371-5705 Ext. 81916
    Students: A-GON

    Assistant Principal
    Julie Weitzel
    610-371-5705 Ext. 81912
    Students: GOO-Q

    Assistant Principal
    Jessica Di Blasi
    610-371-5705 Ext. 81913
    Students: R-Z

    Assistant Principal
    Cheryl Davis
    610-371-5705 Ext. 81914
    Students: 10R and Knight Academy

    Assistant Principal
    Nicole Pagan
    Teaching and Learning
    610-371-5705 Ext. 81904

    Dean of Students

Main Office Staff

  • Secretaries
    Janett Pelker
    610-371-5705 Ext. 81051

    Cindy Dresh
    610-371-5705 Ext. 81052

    Adriana Sanchez
    610-371-5705 Ext. 81050

    Transcript Requests
    Irma Mondragon
    610-371-5705 Ext. 81925

    Working Papers
    Debbie Hart
    610-371-5705 Ext. 81083

    Parent Outreach Assistant
    Marilyn Torres
    610-371-5705 Ext. 81053

Attendance Secretaries

  • Students: A-GON

    Students: GOO-Q
    Wanda Martinez
    610-371-5705 Ext. 81912

    Students: R-Z
    Idelisse Ventura
    610-371-5705 Ext. 81913

    Students: 9R and 10R
    Knight Academy
    Chantelle Harris
    610-371-5705 Ext. 81914

Guidance Office

  • Guidance Secretary
    Donna Malack
    610-371-5705 ext. 81935 

    Guidance Counselors
    Students: A-COR
    Kathryn Moser
    610-371-5705 Ext. 81939

    Students: COS-GON
    Crissta Worman
    610-371-5705 Ext. 81936

    Students: GOO-MAT

    Traci Fake
    610-371-5705 ext. 81376

    Students: MAU-Q
    Edwin Romero
    610-371-5705 Ext. 81375

    Students:  R-SA
    Kelley Daye-Barton
    610-371-5705 Ext. 81927

    Students: SB-Z
    Monica Lacey
    610-371-5705 Ext. 81362

    Students: 9R and 10R
    Jennifer Oakes
    610-371-5705 Ext. 81405

    Students: Red Knight Learning Academy
    Sharon McLendon
    610-371-5705 Ext. 81929

    Michelle Seiders
    610-371-5705 Ext. 81930

    College + Career Counseling
    Kathleen Creelman
    610-371-5705 Ext. 81372

School Nurses

  • Kristina Kuczawa
    610-371-5705 Ext. 81138

    Brandi Flynn
    610-371-5705 Ext. 81917 

Home and School Visitor

  • Kirk Singleton
    610-371-5705 Ext. 81928 

Red Knight Learning Academy - Evening Program


    Red Knight Learning Academy - 
    Evening Program
    Reading High School
    801 N. 13th Street
    Reading, PA 19604

Red Knight Accelerated Academies

  • Red Knight Accelerated Academy
    City Line Campus
    1700 City Line Avenue
    Reading, PA 19604

    Red Knight Accelerated Academy
    Glenside Campus

    Glenside Magnet School
    510 Lackawanna Street
    Reading, PA 19601


  • A reinstatement meeting must be scheduled in order for your child to be permitted back into school following a suspension.  Please use the phone numbers above when scheduling a reinstatement.

    Please notify the main office of any phone number or address changes.

    If your child is absent, please send a note when he/she returns to school.

    The Working Papers office is open 7-12:30 and 2:15-3:30.  Parent/guardian must accompany student and show photo identification in order to obtain working papers for their child.

School Motto

Wish List


  • Address
    801 North 13th Street
    Reading, PA 19604

    Main Office


School Hours

  • Reading High School Hours 
    7:30 a.m. to 2:40 p.m.

    Reading-Muhlenberg CTC School Hours 
    Morning; 7:30 a.m.-10:42 
    Afternoon: 11:31 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

    Red Knight Learning Academy - Evening Program School Hours 
    1 p.m.-6 p.m.

    Red Knight Accelerated Academy School Hours 
    8:55 a.m.-4:05 p.m.