Welcome to Central Middle School

  • central buildingTogether we drive all students to achieve at or above grade level. 

    Important School Reminders

    1. Report if your child is going to be absent.

    2. Please notify the main office of any phone number or address changes.

    3. Please remember to bring a form of picture identification when picking up your child during school or at dismissal.


  • Address
    215 N. 12th St.
    Reading, PA 19604

    Main Office: 484-258-7365
    Fax: 484-258-7333

    Grades: 5-8
    School Colors:
    Red and Black 
    School Mascot:
    Red Knight


  • Middle School Hours
    8:25 a.m. to 3:25 p.m.

School Contacts

  • Principal: Geina Beaver
    Follow her on Twitter @GBatRSD

    Assistant Principals:
    Grade 5: Conrad Folkes
    Grade 6: Joshua Rankin
    Grade 7: Courtney Barth  
    Grade 8: Joy Post

    Enrollment Clerk: Debora Thomas
    Main Office Clerk: Lindsey Reichelt
    Attendance Clerks: Rosie Tinoco Garcia
    Home and School Visitor: Jacqueline Guerrero

    Parent Outreach Assistants (POAs):
    Grade 5 and 6: Carlina Encarnacion
    Grade 7 and 8: Yolanda Cruz

    Social Workers:
    Grade 5: Brenden Lindsey
    Grade 6: TBD
    Grade 7: Rebecca DiSarro
    Grade 8: Sciarra Brown
    School Counselors:
    Grade 5: Morgan Calvaresi  
    Grade 6: Erica Rauch
    Grade 7: Celeste Rojas
    Grade 8: Carmen Gonzalez

Greetings from the Principal

  • Welcome to our amazing students and families!Geina Beaver

    We are so pleased to have you as members of our school community. At Central Middle School, our mission is “Together, we drive all students to achieve at or above targeted grade level.” Our staff is eager to support our students and families to achieve academic success. Each day we encourage our students to communicate positively, model good citizenship, and strive for success.

    With your help, we can have a fantastic school year!