Department Overview

  • Student writing
    The Communications Department manages Reading School District's communications, marketing, written and electronic publications, website content, public relations, media relations, and social media needs. Along with the Superintendent's Office, the department serves as the school district's official media spokespeople. 

Media Relations

  • All media requests should be directed to contact the Communications Department. For an overview of Reading School District, visit our Fast Facts page.

    If you are staff member seeking publicity or promotion for a program, event or service, contact Communications Specialist Leah Fuoco at Ext. 10113

Rapid Notifications

  • We use our rapid notification phone and text system to alert parents when there is an alert, emergency or inclement weather delay, closure or early dismissal. Please notify the main office at your child's school if your phone number or address changes so we can update our system. 

    We apologize if you are receiving phone calls and text notifications from Reading School District but do not have a child attending the district. To have your phone number removed, call 484-258-7031. Leave your name and phone number, and we'll remove the number from our rapid notification database. Please note, it typically takes 24-48 hours for the number to cycle out of the system.

Inclement Weather

Request Transcripts

  • The Communications Department does not oversee Transcript Requests. To obtain your official high school transcript, complete the Transcript Request form and fax it to 610-685-2028. Please note, all night school graduates should complete the Transcript Request form and fax it to the district's Student Services Department at  610-371-4307. For more information, visit



    Nate Ross
    Director of Communications


    Leah Fuoco
    Communications Specialist

    484-258-7000 ext. 10113  

District Hashtag

  • Use our #RSDproud district hashtag on social media. You'll be able to connect with our educational community, and your pictures could be featured in our district publications. 

Flyer Guidelines

  • As part of our efforts to be more environmentally friendly and to embrace innovative technology, the Reading School District has replaced paper flyers with an electronic flyer program. The Reading School District welcomes flyers from community-based, non-profit organizations that provide benefits or resources for our students and/or their families.  

    Requirements for Flyer Approval:

    The Reading School District will consider all requests for publicizing an event, service, or opportunity to Reading School District students and their families and/or to school district staff. To be approved for distribution, flyers must meet the following criteria. The Reading School District reserves the right to refuse to distribute a flyer for any reason.

    • Support the basic educational mission of the District, directly benefit all students, or be of intrinsic value to all students or their parents/guardians.

    • Be submitted in English and Spanish. The Reading School District will not translate for outside organizations.

    • Promote activities or events that occur within District boundaries.

    • Be in JPG or PNG Format.

    • Contain the following disclaimer: "This activity is neither sponsored by nor endorsed by the Reading School District or the Reading School District Board of Directors."


    Requests from for-profit organizations will not be approved for general distribution. 

    Requests from non-profit organizations and government entities not local to the greater-Reading area offering programs/services to Reading School District students and families will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 


    General Guidelines

    • Flyers should be submitted to the Communications Department for approval. It is the responsibility of the requesting party to contact the Communications Department to see whether their flyer has been approved for distribution. Flyers should be emailed to: Leah Fuoco at or Lisa Iezzi at 

    • If we choose to distribute one flyer, we must distribute all flyers without viewpoint discrimination if it meets our pre-established criteria. Viewpoint discrimination is generally defined as singling out a particular subject and treating it differently.

    • The mere distribution of flyers does not compel anyone to do anything. It is not an endorsement by the school district; it is simply a community service.

    • If the function or program on the flyer is taking place in a Reading School District school building, prior approval must be obtained in accordance with the district’s Facilities Use Policy. To avoid falsely advertising a program or service to happen in our school buildings, proof of approval for building use must be submitted at the time the flyer approval is requested.

    • All flyers approved for distribution must include the name and contact information of the requesting organization.

    • Approval of the flyer does not imply RSD endorsement of any identified program, product, or service.

    • All graphics/photos used must be copyright free.

    Distribution Procedures

    • All approved flyers will be sent to the respective school building(s). Flyers will be distributed electronically to families via Class Dojo and/or Remind apps and will be posted on the website here.

    • It is the responsibility of the requesting organization to ensure that the proposed flyer is submitted in a timely manner to publicize date-sensitive events. Please allow at least five business days for flyers to be reviewed and approved.

Share Your #RSDproud News (STAFF ONLY)

  • Complete our online submission form to share your good news, photos, videos and flyers.

    The Communications Office will review submissions daily and determine where the content will be shared, including on our district social media channels, district website and digital newsroom.

    At times, select submissions will also be shared with local media, such as Reading Eagle, Berks Weekly and WFMZ-Channel 69.

    If you have a question or urgent request, or if your file is too large to upload with the Google form, please contact Communications Director Kristine Parkes.

    Submission Form:
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Share Your Shout Out (Staff Only)

  • Complete our staff shout out form to share an anonymous shout out for a staff member or department. 

    Here's how it will work:

    *Shout outs will be included in our weekly district newsletter on Thursdays.

    *You can share an anonymous shout out for a Reading School District staff member or department. If you would like the staff member or department to know that you provided the shout out, you can inform them.

    *Please be specific with your shout out and provide the reason you are sharing a shout out. For example, do not simply write "Shout out to the Red Knight!" Instead, write "Shout out to the Red Knight for staying an extra hour at our school event to make sure he greeted all of the families."

    *Please make sure to include the person's full name, position and building.

    Staff Shout Out Submission Form:
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