Department Overview

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    The Equity office coordinates all equity initiatives within Reading School District with special attention to the District's journey towards Inclusion, Equity, and Excellence. Administrators, certified and support staff have been engaged in professional learning experiences with external consultants in all the phases of the Deep Equity process as outlined by national equity expert Gary Howard. 

    The Deep Equity Process engages our educators in the real work of school reform work that is grown authentically from the bottom-up, and grounded in the expertise and experience of school practitioners and their students. Deep Equity is a comprehensive and systemic professional develop process that is sustained over many years and aimed at producing the deep transformations that are necessary to create equitable places of learning for ALL of our children. In response to this need, the Deep Equity process promotes personal, professional, and organizational growth by walking our teachers and staff through the five phases of cultural competence. 

    The Equity Office receives suggestions, support, and feedback from stakeholders organized in these two bodies:

    • Equity Advisory Panel
      Experts in providing educational services to students of color who recommend best practices and assist in monitoring the District’s progress towards Equity and CRT.

    • District-Wide Equity/Diversity Committee
      Committee of students, parents, school personnel, and community resource leaders to offer suggestions and support and monitor the District’s progress in achieving equal educational opportunity and educational equity.
  • Camil Culbreath

    Dr. Camil Culbreath
    Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging