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    The Reading School District’s English as a Second Language Program serves students whose dominant language is not English for the purpose of facilitating the students’ achievement of English proficiency and the academic standards as per state regulation, 22 Pa. Code § 4.26.

    As used here, the term "program" refers to:

    1) planned English language development instruction by a qualified ESL teacher, and

    2) adaptations/modifications in the delivery of content instruction and assessments by all teachers based on students’ language proficiency levels and the Pennsylvania English Language Development Standards (PA ELDS) Framework for ELs as well as the Pennsylvania academic standards.

    Our department's mission is: To empower English Language Learners with the language skills, content knowledge and cultural competence needed to achiever their maximum potential. 

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    Join our #RSDproud team! Available positions include Mid-Level and High School Level ESL/English teaching positions. Apply online.

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