Department Overview

  • The Technology Department supports approximately 9,400 computers, 2,400 Chromebooks, 200 iPads, 500 printers/copiers, 1,000 interactive boards, and various other peripherals used by our students, faculty, support staff, and administrators. Additionally, the department oversees a complex wired and wireless network infrastructure that spans 25 locations and two data centers. The network provides access to the internet, online classroom resources, as well as security and management software. We strive to ensure all IT Services are available throughout the school and work day with well-designed, resilient IT solutions.

    Students working on chromebooks



Student Equipment Damage or Loss Fee

  • Thank you to all of our families who have taken extra good care of your RSD chromebooks and chargers. Our technology team appreciates your effort and support!

    Throughout the past 18 months, however, some of our chargers and chromebooks have been lost or damaged beyond repair, including cracked screens, missing keys and removed hinges. We understand that accidents can happen, but when this occurs, it costs the district additional money to replace, repair or buy new chromebooks.

    Moving forward, the school district will charge a fee for lost, broken or willfully damaged chromebooks and chargers. The new Student Equipment Damage or Loss Fee will cover a portion of the repair and replacement costs. This fee will begin with chromebooks or chargers damaged or lost after Monday, November 1. If you’ve previously swapped out a chromebook, you will not need to pay any fees.

    The fees are:  

    • $200 lost device and lost charger
    • $175 lost device or willful destruction of device
    • $50 for a visibly damaged device (broken screen, missing keys, damage from drop, burns, missing parts etc.)
    • $25 lost or visibly damaged charger

    Chromebook swaps can be completed at your child’s school. Any issued fees must be paid in full, in-person at the school’s main office during school hours. Only cash or money orders will be accepted. If you’ve previously swapped out a damaged or lost chromebook, you will not need to make any payments. The new fee structure begins with any chromebooks damaged or lost after November 1.

    The  Student Equipment Damage or Loss Fee is similar to other district-issued fees, such as library fees, and could result in students not being able to participate in certain district/school activities, including graduation and field trips, or not receiving their high school diploma until balances are paid in full. Balances are not wiped out at the end of the current school year and will carry over until paid in full.

    Thank you in advance for your understanding and working with the district to keep our student technology equipment in good shape. If you have any questions, please contact the main office at your child’s school. 


  • Jeff Haas
    Chief Technology Officer

Comcast Internet Essentials Program

  • Comcast Internet Essential codes are available for those families in need of Internet. Your child’s school will reach out to you directly if you requested Internet during Orientation Week, or you can contact the main office at your school to receive your family’s designated code.

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