• The Transportation Department is responsible for arranging bus schedules and coordinating transportation for eligible Reading School District students. The department also handles transportation requests for student field trips and activities. 



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  • Bus routes and bus information is available on InfoFinder.


    1. Enter your child's address and Zip code.
    2. Use the drop-down to select your child's school.
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  • If you have busing questions, please use this online form, and our staff will contact you.

    We apologize we do not have enough staff to answer all of your phone calls and emails, and the online form will help us ensure no one is missed. 

    Thank you for your support and understanding as our transportation team works tirelessly to address your questions. The start of the year is always busy, and we appreciate your patience and cooperation.

    We will continue to communicate updates using our Blackboard mass notification system and our district website.

    Reading School District
    Transportation Office 
    484-258-7000 ext 10402

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Are school districts required to transport students? 
    A: With the exception of charter school students, Pennsylvania law does not require a school district to provide transportation to its students. 

    Q: How far may a child be asked to walk to a school bus stop?
    A: The law allows a school district to ask a child, regardless of age, to walk up to a mile and a half to a bus stop. The mile and a half is measured by public roads and does not include any private lane or walkway of the child's residence.

    Q. My child attends a non-public school. How do I find out his/her current bus schedule? 
    A. You must contact your child’s school directly to obtain transportation information. Non-public schools include parochial schools within the City of Reading.

    Q. I am a teacher in the Reading School District. How do I request transportation for an approved student field trip? 
    A. You must submit a completed Transportation Request Form to the district Curriculum Office at least 4-6 weeks in advance of the field trip date via inter office or e-mail.  Once the form is reviewed and approved, the Curriculum Office will send it to the Transportation Office, which will then request a price quote from the Berks County Intermediate Unit (BCIU). The price quote and tentative bus schedule are then listed on the approved form. A copy of the approved form and price quote are given to the teacher for review. A copy is also given to the district Business Services Office to move forward with payment. Once the Business Services Office approves the request, the bus transportation is ordered and the teacher will receive a field trip confirmation. 

Help us - Release Your School Bus Seat

  • The national bus driver shortage is impacting the Reading School District. One way you can help is to “Release Your School Bus Seat.”

    If you are able to get your child to or from school without using a school bus, please “Release Your School Bus Seat” (for this school year only) by filling out this opt-out form.

    Completing the form means your child will no longer ride the school bus to or from school for the rest of this school year. Once you “Release Your Bus Seat,” you cannot get it back until next school year. 

    Complete one form per child. We appreciate your assistance. 

Become a Crossing Guard

  • The Reading Police Department's Traffic Enforcement Office is currently seeking Crossing Guards for various locations throughout the city. These positions are part-time and require serious commitment to be at the crossing guard post on each school day, before and after school hours as required. Crossing Guards follow the school calendar, work approximately 3 hours per day nd only work when school is in session. You must be 18 years of age at time of application, and you must obtain a Child Abuse clearance report before you are hired. To apply or if you have any questions, contact the city at 610-655-6294.

Red Knights Ride With Pride

  • Please encourage respect and kindness while riding the bus.

    • Be On Time
      Trying to catch a moving bus is never safe

    • Take Your Trash
      Nobody wants to ride a messy bus, so help keep it clean!

    • Cross With Care
      Make sure the driver and other cars can see you before you cross the street

    • Show Respect
      Bus drivers do an essential job, and it's important to be polite, show respect, and listen to the bus driver's instructions

    • Stand Back
      Give the driver room to pull over and stop the bus

    • Dropped It? Don't Pick It Up!
      If you drop an item, make sure you tell the driver before you pick it up

    • Ride With Pride
      We are #RSDproud! Help us continue to build a positive reputation for all Red Knights through respect and kindness






Report an Issue

  • Berks County Intermediate Unit (BCIU) and Durham Transportation provide transportation services for the Reading School District.

    To report an issue, call 484-258-7000  ext.10402

    Durham Transportation 
    Reading High School students
    Central Middle School students
    Millmont Elementary students
    RKAA students

    All Special Education families

    13th and Union Elementary students
    Millmont Elementary students
    Northeast Middle School students
    Non-public school students
    RMCTC students 

Red Knights Ride With Pride