• Reading School District Administration
    One Vision. All Students. One Reading.

    Office of the Superintendent
    Dr. Khalid N. Mumin
    Chris Celmer
    Assistant Superintendent, Operations

    Jen Murray
    Assistant to the Superintendent, Teaching and Learning

    Waldo Alvarado
    Equity Director
    Kristin Boyd Edwards
    Community Engagement Director

    Office of the Assistant Superintendent

    Todd Conn
    Facilities Director
    Kurt Myers
    Food Services Director
    Allen McCloud
    Athletics Director 
    Safe Schools Director 

    Jeff Haas 
    Acting Chief Technology Officer

    Wayne Gehris
    Chief Financial Officer
    Finance Director
    Christian Lellig
    Business Services Director 

    Office of Human Resources

    Karen Gokay 
    Chief Human Resources Officer

    Christine I. Pena
    Director of Employee Relations & Internal Affairs

    Lisa Hoffman
    Director of Employee Benefits & Risk Management

    Office of Academics
    JuliAnne Kline
    Director of Instructional Services and Professional Development

    Dr. Cynthia Ajemian
    K-12 Curriculum Director

    Wanda Gonzalez-Crespo
    English as a Second Language Director 


    Assessment and Accountability Director

    Office of Student Services
    Special Education Director
    Wynton Butler
    Social Services Director
    Anne Fisher
    Student Support Director
    Jen O'Brien
    Federal Programs Director