• Each day we appreciate the opportunity to help your child in positive endeavor. We provide the fundamental elements necessary to help each student toward a productive and happy future through a solid educational experience. With this mission, we realize that we are only one of a triad of components required for the greatest outcome of lifetime learning. To encourage positive development in our children, parental, educational, and community effort must unify in purpose.

    As the educational contributors, we propose the following compact of agreement to both the parents and community of Northeast Middle School. This compact outlines responsibilities of each component necessary for the success of each student enrolled in our school.

    School's Responsibility:
     Provide high quality curriculum, materials and learning resources.
     Provide academic information and information and assistance in understanding and monitoring your child’s progress.
     Provide specific behavior guidelines, via Disciplinary Handbook to ensure the greatest opportunity for all to learn within the school environment.
     Provide continues communication between parents and teachers though parent-teacher
    Conferences, report cards, electronic mail and phone calls.
     Provides opportunities at all times for parents and other stakeholders to participate in the educational activities of students by attending conference and responding promptly to teacher requests your child.

    Parent’s Responsibility:
     Support regular school attendance.
     Model and support positive academic behaviors.
     Daily review your child’s work and practice activities.
     Supervise and limit negative influences on your child’s extracurricular time.
     Actively volunteer with activities at your child’s school.
     Represent your child’s greatest potential by attending conferences and responding promptly to teacher requests regarding your child.

    Community Responsibility:
     Provide safe and secure environment for the educational process to prosper.
     Encourage educational activities and positive learning opportunities.
     Volunteer as an assistant at NEMS using your specific resources to better the educational environment and motivations for leaning.

    All stakeholders of Northeast Middle School strive to provide our student with the greatest opportunities for educational growth and development. By recognizing and fulfilling our individual responsibilities, our children and their futures will prosper.