Activities and Resources For At-Home Learning

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    During this unprecedented situation, Reading School District wants to assure our students and their families of the following:

    • We believe that families are doing their best to take care of their children during this difficult time.

    • We recognize that there are unique circumstances in every home that may impact a student’s ability to learn during this challenging situation.

    • We will support all of our students to the best of our ability during this pandemic. In turn, we ask for your patience with Reading School District and our staff as we are doing our absolute best to take care of our students in the midst of the challenges caused for them and their families by COVID-19.

    • We are continually compiling activities and family fun ideas that you can complete at home during the mandated shut down due to COVID-19. Our page will be updated as our staff member submit information so keep checking back for more resources! Plus: Make sure you're also checking your school and classroom Class Dojo accounts. Many principals and teachers are also posting activities, resources and ideas, too.

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Family Fun Activities

  • Sidewalk Chalk 🖼️
    Head outside to your front steps and write sidewalk chalk messages. You can also draw pictures, play tic-tac-toe or complete math equations. If you don't have chalk, write messages on paper and hang them on your porch or in your window.

    Indoor Bowling 🎳
    Turn your room or hallway into a bowling alley like Amanda Stout teacher Kathy Boyle and her son did this weekend. Find a household item you can stack and then use a ball to knock the items down. Practice counting by keeping a tally of how many items you knock down during each frame, and draw a picture of a trophy for your family's winner. 

  • Activities and Resources - Science Experiment

    Activities and Resources - Candy Land

Mobile Apps

  • Download free educational mobile apps on Google Play or Apple iTunes:

    Help children bring
    their stories to life

    Scratch Jr. 

    Coding for Young Kids

    Magnetic ABC
    Help children learn
    the alpahbet