Organization & Navigation

  • Channels are relatively consistent on each site


    The Channels are Fairly consistent across the schools. Our school is present on every site and while not every site has the exact same options, they are close. I have Included a List of the current channel names across the subsites.

    Sections logically named and organized

    Sections are named logically but some pages will redirect the user to a new section which can be confusing for users to navigate back to where they started. I would consider creating more sections in the dropdown or creating a Directory for users to select from.

    Heading 2 



    Efficient presentation of information (pages look clean, have a logical order, are not duplicated.

    For some pages that are the only pages in a section, the Left Navigation column could be turned off. Ex. District Forms and Documents

    Thoughtful use of layouts to improve ease of locating/consuming information

    Pages overall at the district site are easy to navigate. Contact information is very consistent and easy to find.