2023 Winter Keystone Exams

  • 2023 Winter Keystone Testing

    Selected students from Reading High School, RKAA City Line, RKAA Glenside, RKAA Thomas Ford, and Reading Virtual Academy will take the Keystone Exams from Monday, December 4 through Tuesday, December 12, 2023.


    December 4th & 5th - Algebra 1

    December 6th & 7th - Literature

    December 11th & 12th - Biology


    Where: Students will test at their designated campus. i.e. if you go to one of the RKAA campuses, you will test there. 

    Students scheduled to test at RHS should report directly to the auditorium on their scheduled testing day.

    During the exams, all buildings will follow the regular bell schedule. 

    Students scheduled for the exams have already been notified. Non-participating students should arrive at school at their regular start time and follow their normal schedule. Doors at Reading High School will open at 7:10 a.m. for students. Reminders will be sent through targeted messages. For any questions, contact your student's assistant principal or school counselor.

    CTC Students

    Non-Testing AMCTC students will board buses and report to CTC at normal time

    AMCTC students identified to test should report to their assigned testing location at 7:25

    AMCTC testing students that finish testing at 10:05 will remain in the Auditorium and report to café period 5 for lunch. They will report to their period 6 class after lunch.

    PMCTC testing students finishing at 10:05 will report to their period 4 class and follow their regular schedule.

    PMCTC testing students in for an extended time will be finished by 11:20 to depart for PMCTC.