2018-19 Budget Information

  • This special webpage will be updated continuously throughout the 2018-19 budget process. 

May Board Meeting

  • Proposed Final Budget Approved
    The board approved the 2018-19 Proposed Final Budget. The budget totals $282,955,632 and includes a 2 percent tax increase. The tax increase would equal a $7.31 increase in the annual school district real estate taxes for a homeowner with the median assessed home value of $40,600. The budget includes no proposed cuts in staff, services or programs. The final budget will be approved during the next Regular Board Meeting on June 27. To access the proposed budget, click here.

May 7, 2018 Budget Workshop

  • Budget workshop
    The school board held a budget workshop on Monday, May 7. Currently, there is a $4.5 million deficit between 2018-19 expenditures and revenue, however, the district has available fund balance to cover the current projected deficit. The district plans to use an additional $8.2 million from fund balance to cover planned infrastructure projects.  A possible tax increase is also being discussed. There are no proposed cuts in staff, services or programs. 

    Next steps
    1. The school board and district administration will continue to discuss the budget numbers.

    2. A preliminary budget will be presented during the May 16 Committee of the Whole meeting, and the board would vote on the preliminary budget at the May 23 Regular Board meeting.

    3. The preliminary budget will be posted on our district website, www.ReadingSD.org, for 30 days following the May 23 meeting.

    4. The board will vote on the final budget on June 27.

    Download a PDF of the Budget Workshop presentation or view it below.

Budget Workshop Presentation

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

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