• 10th and Green  

    School Profile

    10th and Green Elementary 
    400 North Tenth St, Reading, PA 19604
    Susan Lozada

    Student Enrollment (as of Oct. 1):  
    Number of staff members:  

    School Colors:  
    Green and gold
    Buzzing with Pride

    List of current Community Partners + Programs:  
    • Koinos Community Church
    • Glad Tidings Church
    • St. Luke's Church
    • Boy Scouts
    • Girl Scouts
    • Berks County 4-H
    • Migrant Education
    • United Way of Berks County
    • The Good News Club
    List of current Student Clubs, Activities + Programs:  
    • Science Club
    • Migrant Adult ESL
    • United Way's Ready.Set.Read!
    • United Way's Raising a Reader
    • Community Center Nights
    • Girl Scouts
    • Boy Scouts
    Wish List 
    • A Container Garden around our Kindergarten portables
    • Cameras for our grade levels to use to take pictures of the great things happening in our school
    • Community partners who would be willing to adopt a grade level to support them in their efforts to provide students with opportunities to go on  field trips, provide students with uniforms, bring in special events, etc.
    • Assistance with the annual Friends of 10th and Green dinner, held in May. 
    • Assistance with the annual Spring Carnival.  
    3 things we’re proud of:
    1.  We have significantly increased community relationships. 
    2.  We have more after school programs for kids.
    3.  Our School Performance Profile score went up from 47.0 to 61.7 for the 2013-14 school year.