Equity is inseparable from quality in the measure of educational excellence -- NCAAE

    Waldo Alvarado
    Director of Diversity & Equity

    Waldo Alvarado being interviewed for WITF's Rust or Revival Forum in January 2015.

    Overview of Equity 

    Educational equity is based on the principles of fairness and justice in allocating resources, opportunities, treatment, and success for every student. Educational equity programs promote the real possibility of equality of educational results for each student and between diverse groups of students. Equity strategies are planned, systemic, and focused on the core of the teaching and learning process (Bitters, B.A., 1999).

    Bradley Scott, Ph.D., (Director of the Equity Assistance Center at IDRA) has proposed six goals of education equity:

    Goal 1: Comparably high academic achievement and other student outcomes
    As data on academic achievement and other student outcomes are disaggregated and analyzed, one sees high comparable performance for all identifiable groups of learners, and achievement and performance gaps are virtually non-existent.

    Goal 2: Equitable access and inclusion
    The unobstructed entrance into, involvement of and full participation of learners in schools, programs and activities within those schools.

    Goal 3: Equitable treatment
    Patterns of interaction between individuals and within an environment characterized by acceptance, valuing, respect, support, safety and security such that students feel challenged to become invested in the pursuits of learning and excellence without fear of threat, humiliation, danger or disregard.

    Goal 4: Equitable opportunity to learn
    At minimum, the creation of learning opportunities so that every child, regardless of characteristics and identified needs, is presented with the challenge to reach high standards and are given the requisite pedagogical, social, emotional and psychological supports to achieve the high standards of excellence that are established.

    Goal 5: Equitable resources
    Funding, staffing and other resources for equity-based excellence that are manifested in the existence of equitably assigned qualified staff, appropriate facilities, other environmental learning spaces, instructional hardware and software, instructional materials and equipment, and all other instructional supports, are distributed in an equitable and fair manner such that the notion that all diverse learners must achieve high academic standards and other school outcomes become possible.

    Goal 6: Accountability
    The assurance that all education stakeholders accept responsibility and hold themselves and each other responsible for every learner having full access to quality education, qualified teachers, challenging curriculum, full opportunity to learn, and appropriate, sufficient support for learning so they can achieve at excellent levels in academic and other student outcomes. 


    Reminder of Core Equity Values

    A reminder of the core values that guide our practice towards academic excellence for ALL students in the Reading School district:

    R – Respectful relationships with students and families

    E – Expectations of high academic achievement outcomes for ALL

    M - Multicultural responsive teaching

    I – Inclusion & Access to all school-sponsored programs, activities & initiatives.

    N - Networking & Partnerships with community, faith-based, business, & higher education organizations

    D – Diversity & Multilingualism

    E – Equity: equitable treatment, opportunities, and resources

    R – Responsibility & Accountability 

    Parent Engagement & Outreach
    In February 2015, the Office of Diversity & Equity hosted a Parent Engagement Summit. For the first time ever, the district's Parent Outreach Assistants and Truancy Officers met with staff members from Migrant Education Program 
    • Click here to view the Parent Engagement Summit Power Point presented during the event

    • Click here to view the notes from the Parent Engagement Summit  

    • Click here to view the results of the School Climate Survey conducted in fall 2013.

    Student Engagement & Outreach
    During the 2014-15 school year, students from Reading Intermediate High School have participated in activities hosted by the Delaware Valley Consortium for Excellence & Equity (DVCEE). Below are pictures of the students visiting University of Pennsylvania as part of the DVCEE program.
    penn  penn  penn  penn  penn  pwnn


    Delaware Valley Consortium for Excellence & Equity (DVCEE)
    The Delaware Valley Consortium for Excellence & Equity (formerly the Delaware Valley Minority Student Achievement Consortium or DVMSAC) is a collaborative association of 30 suburban school districts, an intermediate unit, and an education association, located throughout southeastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey and northern Delaware.  DVCEE members are committed to working together to enhance the achievement and well-being of all of their students, and most specifically, to increasing the academic performance, engagement, and future success of their students of color.

    U.S. Department of Education's Equity Assistance Centers Page
    Website:  http://www.maec.org/equity/eacs.html
    Visit the Department of Education's Equity Assistance Centers page for information on the program's purpose, grant application process, funding, and performance.

    The Education Alliance at Brown University
    Website: http://www.brown.edu/academics/education-alliance/
    The Education Alliance at Brown University
     is a reform support organization committed to advancing equitable educational opportunities that prepare all student populations to succeed in the 21st century.  Our mission is to enhance learning for culturally and linguistically diverse students.  We build partnerships with communities and educational organizations to apply research and transform instructional practice. We design and deliver expert services around data collection and analysis, professional learning, and research and evaluation. 

    National School Climate Center
    Website: http://www.schoolclimate.org
    National School Climate Center is an organization that helps schools integrate crucial social and emotional learning with academic instruction. In doing so, we enhance student performance, prevent drop outs, reduce physical violence, bullying, and develop healthy and positively engaged adults.