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    Safe Schools Director
    Districtwide School Police Officer                   

    Assistant Safe Schools Director
    RIHS School Police Officer            

    RHS School Police Officer       

    Jesus Jimenez                              
    RIHS Lead Safe School Officer     


    Department Overview 
    The Reading Safe School Department includes 38 Safe School Officers. The department's mission statement is: To enforce the rules and regulations of the school district and provide a safe learning environment for both students and staff through courtesy, professionalism and respect.


    The Reading Safe School Department consists of  three School Police Officers (SPOs), who are sworn in by Berks County Courts. They have the authority to make arrests and issue summon citations, The department's safe schools staff patrols the halls and ensure student and staff safety. They also oversee building entrances to ensure visitors sign in and provide proper identification before entering the school building.     

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How is the Reading School District prepared to handle an active shooter situation?
    The Reading School District has put together an emergency response team that has been trained by the ALICE Training Institute. ALICE is a set of proactive strategies that increase chances of survival during an active shooter event. ALICE is an acronym as A – Alert L – Lockdown I – Inform C – Counter E – Evacuate. Our emergency response team has taken this training and shared the knowledge and actions with all of the staff across the school district. The Reading School District is well trained and prepared should any of our schools come in contact with an active shooter.

    Q: What gives safe school officers the right to search students?
    Safe school officers are given the right as employees of the district to search students, their book bags, and their lockers. 




    Reading School District Anonymous Tip Line 
    Students, staff, parents and community members are encouraged to use our Anonymous Tip Line to share information about incidents or issues regarding the safety of our students. Text or call 484-769-1833 or e-mail tipline@readingsd.org.