• Family Literacy

    Nancy Jackson, M. Ed.
    Director of Family Literacy
    610-370-8540. Ext. 60218

    Claribel Valentin
    Case Manager
    610-370-8540, Ext. 60215

    Department Overview 
    The Reading Family Literacy Program is a free program for ESL families with children age birth to 8 years old.   Parents attend the program to learn or improve their English while toddlers and preschool children attend the Early Childhood classes to prepare them for entrance into Pre-K or Kindergarten.  Parents also participate in parenting classes. The final part of the program is Interactive Literacy Activities where parent and child “play” together in a variety of planned activities.  Family Literacy assists parents in obtaining their goals such as securing a job, attending higher education or technical school, obtaining US citizenship, volunteering in the community, etc.  The Family Literacy program also allows for families to meet new people and build positive relationships within the community

    Classes are held at two area churches: St. Mark’s UCC located at 211 W Greenwich St., Reading, PA 1960 and Redeemed Christian Church located at 851 N 11th St., Reading, PA 1960   Classes are held Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m.- 12 p.m. following the school district schedule with an added summer program in which school age children can attend as well.

    The Reading Family Literacy Program is one of the oldest family literacy programs in the state being in existence for over 20 years. It was previously known as Even Start, when it was funded through federal dollars.  Currently the program is funded through state funds.  

    To apply for the program, contact or visit: 
    Reading Opportunity Center for Children
    800 Penn Street
    Reading, PA 19602
    610-370-8540, Ext. 60215 or Ext.60218

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Who is eligible for the Family Literacy program?
    Any non native English speaker with a child age birth to eight years old.

    Q. How much does it cost?
    The program is free. It is funded through a state grant.

    Q. Can I come if I do not have a child or bring other children with me that I care for?
    Unfortunately, state guidelines mandate that the program be only for adults with children age birth to eight.

    Q. What if I am not able to attend all four days?
    In order to show growth in English skills it is best to attend on a regular basis. If you cannot commit to four days you will not see growth in your language skills and your child will have difficulty adjusting to the classroom. 


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