• 10th and Penn

    School Profile

    10th and Penn Elementary
    955 Penn St., Reading PA  19604  
    Rowbee'C Kasisky

    Assistant Principal:
    Kerri Lubinski
    Student Enrollment (as of Oct. 1, 2014):
    Number of staff members:
    School Colors:
    Red, white, and blue
    Live with purpose, learn with passion, love and leave a legacy of excellence!

    List of current Community Partners + Programs

    • Grace Lutheran (tutoring program)
    • United Way's Ready.Set.Read!
    • Trinity Lutheran
    • Good News Club
    • Heister's Lanes
    • Foster Grandparent Program 
    • Alvernia University
    • KAP (Kids Against Pressure)
    • Wyomissing Institute

    List of current Student Clubs, Activities + Programs 

    • Student Council
    • Homework Club
    • Patriot Dance Team
    • Patriot Singers (chamber choir)
    • Band
    • Chorus, Orchestra

    Wish List
    • Outdoor electronic clock/ticker
    • New mulch for school playground
    • Uniform donations and related items for laundering them

    3 things we’re proud of ... 
    1. The students' hard work, effort, and commitment to succeeding in school.
    2. 10th and Penn Student Council -- they do many things for the school and the surrounding community
    3. The camaraderie, resiliency, and commitment of staff at 10th and Penn in spite of the many regime changes that occurred at the building level while also occurring centrally.