New State Graduation Requirements

  • Beginning with the graduating class of 2023, new statewide graduation requirements apply to all public school students. Along with our local credit requirements, every student must satisfy one of the five graduation pathways outlined below to graduate and earn their diploma by demonstrating their readiness for post-secondary success.


    Credits count! To earn a diploma, students need to show up, do their work, pass their classes, and earn 24 credits.


    The most direct path to graduation is to take and pass Keystone courses and exams. These include Biology (9th or 10th grade), Algebra I (9th) and Literature (10th). Students may retake courses and exams until they pass. If students score 1500 on each Keystone exam, they have met the state pathway requirement for graduation. 


    We'll be here every step of the way to support students. If it takes longer than 4 years, persist! We're here to help students cross the finish line.

What Do Students Need to Graduate?

    • Accumulate 24 credits by passing courses:
      • 4 Language Arts
      • 4 Mathematics
      • 3 Science
      • 3 Social Studies
      • 1.5 Physical Education
      • 0.5 Health
      • 8 Electives
    • 1 credit = 1 full-year course*
      • *Exceptions – PE, some science courses
    • Pass three Keystone Exams OR meet the requirements of a graduation pathway

Graduation Pathways

    1. Keystone Exams
    2. Keystone Composite Scores
    3. Career and Technical Center Concentrator
    4. Alternative Assessments
    5. Evidence-Based Pathway






Keystone Courses

  • Passing Keystone courses and exams are the easiest path to graduation. 

    • Literature (10), Algebra I, Biology
    • Students must:
      • Pass the Keystone Course, AND
      • Pass the Keystone Exam
    • Passing score for each exam is 1500





Downloadable Information


  • Reach out to your Core Team with questions! Your Core Team is ready to help you choose the pathway that best fits your needs, and will support you in reaching your goals. 

    • Assistant Principal
    • Counselor
    • Social Worker
    • Teachers


Graduation Pathways Flowchart