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2016 Holiday Message from Dr. Mumin

First, a big thank you to RHS computer art student Dariana Arellano for designing this year’s holiday card.

Second, this time of year is special for many reasons, as it provides opportunities for reflection, reconnecting with people we love, resonance, relaxation and goal setting.  More important, you have earned the right to take some quiet time for yourself, so I encourage you to selfishly indulge in the aforementioned without reservation.  Hence, I offer recommendations for you to jump start your holiday respite as follows:

·         Reflect upon the many lives you have positively impacted over the past year, appreciate the journey, and never take for granted your influence as an educator, role model or positive adult presence in our district;

·         Reconnect with friends and family, as you have given 100% of your time this past year, while sacrificing precious moments with the ones you love.  Watch a comedy movie with your family, FaceTime distant loved ones, and find some time to dance to your favorite songs;

·         Take a few days to partake exclusively in being a resonant leader.  As my mentor and friend Dr. Annie McKee, founder of Teleos Leadership Institute states, “Resonance is a powerful collective energy… [that] comes from our ability to use our own cognitive and biological systems to master skills of self-awareness, awareness of others, empathy, and emotional intelligence;

·        Relax; “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”. Find a favorite poem to read for rejuvenation, spirit and motivation. One of my favorites is “To a Locomotive in Winter” by Walt Whitman, where the author dotes on the majestic beauty, power, prowess and steadfast persistence of the locomotive travelling through the winter months, similar to educators staying the course through the ebb and flow of the school year, stopping at nothing less than student success; 

·         Set realistic goals in your personal and professional life with scheduled intervals to check your progress, and stick to the plan.

I admire, appreciate and salute you for your continued work as champions for our students. Stay the course. Feverishly set audacious, high expectations for student success.  You have the power, influence and responsibility to groom our students to become prepared academicians in an ever-changing society.  Enjoy the holidays and have a happy New Year! One Vision. All Students. One Reading!

Dr. Khalid N. Mumin
Superintendent of Schools

 2016 holiday card