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At Millmont Elementary School Good Behavior Equals Good Books

At Millmont Elementary School, students can receive new books in a unique way - through a book vending machine. Millmont Elementary School is the first school in the area to obtain an Inchworm Book Vending Machine. Principal April Halligan-Rostek is passionate about providing this opportunity to her students. The machine can’t be used by just anyone though, students must work hard to get the chance to use the machine. 


The machine can’t be used by just anyone though, students must work hard to get the privilege. Students earn tokens for the book vending machine by demonstrating good behavior or by being the student of the month. Tokens can then be used for new and exciting books.

kids looking at vending machine

Principal Halligan-Rostek fills the machine with books from Scholastic or books donated by community partners. The vending machine is filled with books from all different reading levels offering students a variety of great stories to choose from, including favorites  “Lawn Boy” by Gary Paulsen, “The Bad Guys” by Aaron Blabey, and “The Cool Bean” by Jory John and Pete Oswald. Teachers and administrators can see how it boosts positive behavior and students’ love of reading.


Principal Halligan-Rostek knew she wanted to purchase the Inchworm Book Vending Machine for the school even before the Pandemic started in 2020. Since its arrival in January of 2021, the excitement has continued to grow. “We put it right out in the front lobby so everyone can see it,” stated Principal Halligan-Rostek. The Inchworm Book Vending Machine comp

any is the only book vending machine company in the United States and Millmont Elementary School is the only school in the Reading School District that has a Book Vending Machine, but Principal Halligan-Rostek is certain the other schools will follow soon.