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Supply Chain Impact on Lunch Menu Items

As you may have heard in the news, school districts across the country are struggling with getting supplies and products for school lunches. Reading School District is facing the same problem. Some of our suppliers have cancelled their contracts because of a shortage of delivery drivers and products. At present, we have one supplier.

We have heard complaints from students and families, and we share your frustrations about the appearance of the some menu items. We can assure families that the meals being served are healthy and taste fine. However, some admittedly don’t look appetizing to our students. We are encouraging students to at least taste the food, as most of our students who do so report they are satisfied. We are going to solicit student input about our current food items during school, so that we can begin to make changes in the menu later this school year.

Please remember that students always have the option to pack a lunch of their choice to bring to school. 

We are hearing from the news that the problem with products getting to schools will continue and may get worse in the coming months. We are reaching out to our state and national governments for additional support in fixing this national issue. We will continue to work on improving this service.

This is information will also be shared with parents via a one-call message on Friday, Nov. 19.