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Riverside Principal Retires with Pride and Gratitude

Principal Kimberly Birts has had a memorable experience being an educator and administrator in the Reading School District (RSD). As an educator for 33 years, she knew wherever she went, she wanted to end her career with RSD. 


Growing up, Principal Birts knew she wanted to be an educator and work in a school. “I had a teacher growing up that told me I wasn’t going to amount to anything, but then I had a fifth-grade teacher who nurtured me and taught me to succeed,” she explains. “God willing I knew I was going to teach, and give kids opportunities. I never wanted them to feel the pain I felt from that teacher who didn’t believe in me or to slip through the cracks.”  principal with class


Principal Birts officially retires on February 28, but she won’t be gone for long; on March 1 she will step into the substitute administrator role at Northeast Middle School. 


“The District needs my help and I am willing to step into the role,” she says. “It’s my choice to help.” 


However, Principal Birts is looking forward to relocating to Florida in September and spending more time with her family, including her two sons, David Jr., 23, and Tyler, 22. “They are my pride and joy”, states Principal Birts. Along with family time, she wants to focus on herself and spend more time doing what she loves. 


She notes that her successor will need a lot of heart to step into the principal role. Her advice to the next person is to see each person’s greatness in the midst of the mess and always to wear multiple lenses to see different perspectives. 


“Be willing to try and understand, even if you disagree,” she says. “You need to make an effort to understand what they see.” 


Principal Birts has loved being a part of the RSD family. “My students are awesome and I have enjoyed getting to know their families,” she says. “The relationships that I have built over time with the staff and the humor cultivated in the District … they get my crazy and I will miss that so much.”


Principal Birts’ kindness and passion for education have made an impact not only on Riverside Elementary School but on the entire district. The Reading School District wishes Principal Kimberly Birts all the best in her retirement.  And, to remember, once a Red Knight, always a Red Knight!