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Message from Principal Alvarado 1/2/23

Good evening students and parents, 


Welcome back to RHS. This is Principal Alvarado and I want to reach out to you regarding a safety concern we are having at RHS and that is the use of head/face coverings by some students.  


A head/face covering obscures part of a person’s face making it harder to distinguish an intruder from a student or to identify any student who has engaged in inappropriate behavior or in a school safety violation.  

Beginning tomorrow, Tue., January 3, 2023, RHS will be enforcing the following: head/face coverings of any kind will not be permitted while students are on school property, unless required for religious or medical purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, hoodies worn up on the head, bandanas, caps, hats, ski masks, sunglasses, and non-medical face masks that cover the nose and mouth.  


We will be enforcing this rule for safety reasons.  If you have any questions, call one of our parent coordinators at 610-371-5705.  Ext. 81053 or 81055 


Thanks so much.