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Principal Lozada Retires from a Career Serving Children

As the principal of 10th and Green Elementary School for the last eight years, Principal Susan Lozada has been integral to Reading School District. Her hard work, dedication, and 34 years of experience in education helped many students and staff blossom over the years. She announced her retirement earlier this year and her last day with the Reading School District was March 10. 

Principal Lozada’s path through education is a unique one. Unlike many other educators, she did not originally plan to become a teacher. Susan served in the Army and also received her bachelor’s degree in Russian before even considering becoming an educator.

“I discovered I wanted to work in education my first day as a substitute teacher in Chicago. I fell in love with it at that moment,” said Principal Lozada. 

From living in Chicago, she knew she liked an urban setting. Her husband is from Pennsylvania and they moved back to the state. Before working in the Reading School District, she worked in Allentown for a few years.  

Principal Lozada is looking forward to traveling during her retirement. “I can’t wait to just pick up and go,” she said. Though she is looking forward to traveling and all the perks of retirement, she did not make the decision lightly. “It was a very tough decision but I have to retire for my health. It’s time.” 

The students and their families are among some of her favorite things about the Reading School District. “I will miss the comradery among the staff. The can-do spirit … we really have a great team here,” said Principal Lozada.

Principal Lozada leaves some advice for her successor. “Trust that systems have been put in place. Remember that not everyone can do everything alone.” 

10th and Green Elementary School’s Assistant Principal, Mrs. Erin Brown, will serve as Interim Principal for the remainder of the academic year.  

We wish Principal Lozada the best of luck as she enters this new chapter and we thank her for all that she has done for the Reading School District. 

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