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Drew Eckel · 16th and Haak Teacher

Drew Eckel Staff Spotlight

Drew Eckel

1st grade teacher at 16th and Haak Elementary

I grew up in:
Reading, Pa.

Girlfriend, Liz; mom, Jean; dad, Jeff; sister, Blair; and dog, Champ

2014 Exeter Township Senior High School graduate
2018 Penn State Berks graduate

What makes you #RSDProud?:
I have lived my whole life just outside of Reading and my entire family is from the East Reading. It is amazing to be giving back to the area where my roots are from. I love my job and cannot wait to see what every day brings.

What is your most used emoji?
Always has been and always will be the laughing face

What did you name your first car?
Betsy – Black Nissan Xterra

What sport would you compete in if you were in the Olympics?
Definitely curling.

What’s on your bucket list?
To go to the Master’s golf tournament in Augusta, Ga.

You’re stuck on a deserted island with only three things, what three things would you have?
I would have sunscreen (wouldn’t want to fry), a tent (cannot sleep outside), and my golf bag (in case I get bored).

Keep shining, Drew! 😎 #RSDspotlight #RSDproud