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Reading School District Increases Pay for Custodians and Tradespeople

On November 22, the School Board of the Reading School District approved to increase pay and starting rates for all custodians and tradespeople. The increases will take effect on December 4, 2022. 

The average hourly rate for custodians and tradespeople will rise to $21.97/hour from $19.34/hour. The new starting rate will be $17.50 per hour for first shift custodial; $18.25 for second shift custodial; and $18.75 for third shift custodial. Starting rates for identified tradespeople, including carpenters, HVAC mechanics, and plumbers are between 25.69 and 26.44 depending on their shift.

“The employment market is highly competitive,” said Superintendent Jennifer Murray. “This is exacerbated by higher wages being offered by surrounding businesses. By increasing wages, we hope to attract more adults committed to the maintenance and upkeep of our schools and buildings, as well as developing strong relationships with our students.”

Researchers have found that the quality of school facilities impact student learning. Students focus better when they’re comfortable, are more likely to attend classes, and may be less likely to become ill. These qualities all come from classrooms that have proper ventilation, are well-lit, and maintain efficient cleaning schedules.

“Maintaining and cleaning the buildings and schools of the Reading School District is a huge responsibility,” said Kevin M. Bolig, secretary/treasurer for Teamsters Local 429. “We are hoping that this wage agreement will allow the District to fill open positions while retaining current employees.” Teamsters Local Union No. 429 is the exclusive bargaining agent for all custodians and tradespeople who are employed by the District. 

The Reading School District is set to employ 45 individuals in custodial and maintenance/trades positions, including apprenticeships. Next month, the District will host an in-person Job Fair where applicants can apply and be interviewed on the spot. Anyone interested in working for Reading School District in one of these roles is invited to the job fair. In the meantime, interested candidates can apply for the open positions by visiting