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Get Prepared for the PSSAs

Reading School District students are preparing to take the PSSAs, a statewide assessment test. The 2022 testing schedule is:

  • English Language Art
    April 26 through April 29
    Students in Grade 3 and Grade 8

  • Math
    May 3 and May 4
    Students in Grade 3 and Grade 8

  • Science
    May 5 and May 6
    Students in Grade 4 and Grade 8

Before taking the test, be sure to: 

  • Get a good night’s sleep
    Well-rested students are more alert and better able to focus on their studies. No all-night study sessions before tests!

  • Eat a healthy breakfast at home or at school
    Students should refuel before taking their exams. A healthy breakfast will help their focus and brain power.

  • Be confident and try your very best
    Relax! It’s important to help your child build confidence and learn to destress— some easy ways to do that are through participating in homework and school activities regularly, talking through the exam day and what it might look like, and getting regular exercise to help release any lingering stress.

During the test, be sure to:

  • Read the entire question

  • Underline the important words and phrases

  • Answer the question

  • Note evidence from the text to prove your answers 

The Pennsylvania System of School Assessments, or PSSAs, provides data to help schools improve academic performance. Schools are required to administer the PSSAs. Parents have the right to decide whether or not their child will participate in the assessments. PSSA test results are typically released by the Pennsylvania Department of Education in the fall